Protecting Migration: The Early Days of DUC

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By Staff | October 2, 2016

It’s autumn on the prairies. Dark specks form lines against the sky. They shift and break as geese merge in and out of the formation. One after another, these lines spill southward, carrying a steady chorus of honks across the Canadian landscape. This is the sound of migration.

Canadians can’t help but celebrate the season when these tell-tale characters appear overhead. But there was a time when the future of migrating waterfowl was threatened. A time when people took from the land with little thought to giving back.

In 1937, a group of waterfowlers decided it was time to change that thinking – and so began one of the greatest conservation stories in North America. Watch a sample of early footage showing DUC staff and volunteers at work, or watch the complete video as it was shown at DUC fundraiser events in the 1940s.

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